ZIEGLER Catherine

After graduating from the European Business School (Paris) and working as an international businessman in the textile industry, I spent 12 years as an expatriate in the United States and Belgium. An extraordinary family experience full of adventures and encounters! It was then that I discovered the world of real estate hunters who used their services; Faced with the difficulties of staying on their return to France, this profession has naturally established itself within the framework of the Home Select network.


“Creating a relationship based on trust and communication”


Once the specifications have been established and the research is undertaken, it is important that our exchanges be honest and based on mutual frankness; you’ll have the detailed elements of my work Real estate hunter done objectively; I am at your service to ensure that the research progresses and that your project is completed within the allotted time. Your “feedback” on the goods I will offer you is essential during our exchanges that can be done by phone, email, skype or SMS according to your availability.

At your disposal

I advise you and accompany you throughout the search. We communicate with confidence and I adapt to the nature of your project (residential, professional, investment)

Available and responsive

In a market where goods are scarce, I have forged a local network of partners (real estate agents, janitors…) that trusts the customers of HOME SELECT

Curious and observant

I have a special attention to stone and architecture

My happy customers testify

Discover the stories of my research