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HOME SELECT offer its purchaser clients a bespoke apartment hunter service: access 100 of the goods through our network and our professional tools, receive only interesting goods, be the first to visit and to make an offer to buy. HOME SELECT is part of the FNCI (NationalFederation of Real EstateHunters) and conducts its projects in accordance with the Hoguet law that governs our profession. Our Paris apartment hunters conduct a dynamic and field search. Hoping that you will be the next witness, I wish you to carry out your project pleasantly.

Jean Mascla, Founder

Our apartment hunters locate the best opportunities for you.

Our apartment hunters locate the best opportunities for you.

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Our Paris apartment hunter service

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I describe my research

From this first step, we adapt to your needs: you can describe your research in detail, schedule an appointment at your convenience, or be immediately put in touch with a real estate hunter Paris who presents our services to you. .



I am contacted by my real estate hunter Paris

Our apartment hunters are sectored, so it is the expert on your research sectors who meets you to present our tailored services, our researchmandate, our fees and qualify your project and you explain how it will bring your project to a complete start.



I receive custom goods

Your Paris apartment hunter presents you via our application the best opportunities of the Paris market: our field network, our professional tools give you access to the hidden market, the first goods and 100 of the goods.



I visit property that meets my criteria

You remember only the properties that interest you, make only interesting visits and above all are the first to visit via your real estate hunter Paris. Visiting quickly is a job as is making an offer to buy efficiently and at the right price.

Six reasons to choose our services of CHASSEUR IMMOBILIER PARIS


Access 100 of the property

Our 16 real estate hunters in Paris work every day with all the sellers of the Paris market (individuals, merchants of goods, trustees, concierges, notaries, more than 3,000 real estate agents in Paris, …). Our apartment hunters are on the ground all the time. Our search algorithms allow us not to miss out on real estate listings. No good escapes us.

Chasseur appartement Paris - Découvrez nos experts immobiliers


Take advantage of our network

Our bespoke support allows you to benefit from the services of our recognized partners: wealth management, taxation, financing, architects, craftsmen, decoration, furnishings, rental management, red tape, etc. HOME SELECT offers end-to-end service via its premium network.


be the first to visit

The Paris market is very tense. 1 seller for every 50 buyers on average. The only way to find a quality property: responsiveness. Our apartment hunters do everything to be the first to know about a novelty and to visit this well before anyone else. It’s a job.


Make only good visits

HOME SELECT is only paid for success. (no application fees). So we don’t waste time on unnecessary visits: it would be a waste of time for us and ONLY for you. Not to mention the disappointment that every useless visit generates. Our real estate hunter services are precisely to avoid these unnecessary visits.


Optimizing your budget

Our bespoke services allow you to find the best property at the best price. An apartment hunter knows the real estate market and knows how to handle a negotiation. Our various partners (very effective brokers like Best rates or Personalbrokerage,quality craftsmen, …) allow you to get the best conditions.


Our mobile app

Your personal hunter is your only contact, our mobile application “My Home Select” is your only tool to control your search: you are informed in real time of the news, you access the detailed reports of the visits, you can trade on these assets, you have the history of your search, ..

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