Today, many people go to live abroad or simply in another city for personal or professional reasons or both. But when you have to look for a property in another country or another city, it’s not always easy, far from it. The intervention of a hunter real estate can then be a solution to consider.

The job of real estate hunter

We have, on many occasions, presented to you the job of hunter real estate, its characteristics and multiple advantages. Since a booster shot never hurts, here’s what you need to know about this increasingly popular profession.

The role of the hunter real estate, also called hunter apartment, is to conduct the real estate searches of its clients in their place. It therefore takes care of all the steps, from research to pre-visits to administrative procedures.

One hunter real estate, unlike a real estate agent, works on a limited number of files (usually two or three at the same time) in order to be able to devote himself fully to them. He can use multiple resources to help himself in his search: online ads, professional network, personal network…

Once he has selected a number of goods that meet his clients’ criteria, he makes pre-visits. This step will allow him to further reduce the number of selected goods to keep only those that he believes could trigger a crush among future buyers.

Then there are the visits with them. If they wish to make an offer for a property, the hunter real estate advises and assists them with the various related steps, but also to determine the amount of the offer. If they don’t like any good, the hunter resumes his research if that is the wish of his clients.

If the professional believes that a negotiation of the sale price of the property is possible, he will let his clients know.

It is also possible to call on this expert for a property search for rent. However, it is more the future owners who turn to the real estate hunters.

Finally, note that this profession is regulated (Hoguet Law) just like that of a real estate agent. So you don’t improvise hunter real estate this includes holding a transaction card. Finally, this expert is only paid for the result.

The apartment hunter, the ally of expatriates (and relocated)

Find a property in a city or in a country you don’t know and where you don’t live yet? Mission possible, but mission difficult!

Let’s take a concrete example. You live in Brest and you have just landed a job in Nice. So you have to find a property there. You can then choose to rent or buy. To find the property in question, you have the opportunity to help yourself from the web, for example, where there are multiple ads. Once you’ve been through these, you’ll write down the references to several goods you like. Yes, but then? Do Brest-Nice to visit goods that you may not like? This has a cost (transportation, housing…) and it is also relatively restrictive (time…).

 Ideal? Using a hunter real estate ! It will list your criteria (budget, size of the property…) and carry out its research on the spot according to your wishes and needs. He will take care of the pre-visits, take photographs of the property, ask all the essential questions about them and will be able to draw up and present you, for each selected property, a complete, clear and precise “portrait”.

The benefits? There are many of them. First of all, it saves a lot of time and money for expatriates/relocated people who do not need to make multiple expensive and time-consuming trips. This solution also allows prospective buyers/tenants to benefit from the expertise of the hunter real estate as well as its developed professional network (real estate agents, other hunters, etc.). The hunter’s negotiating skills are another asset that is valuable to take advantage of.

In short, whether you have landed a new job or are relocated to a new city or another country, use a new hunter apartment offers many advantages that would be a shame to do without.

HOME SELECT: your partner in your real estate search

Good news, you’ve been hired in the Paris region! Or maybe you have to move there as part of a relocation?  Whatever your situation, you will have to find a property to rent or buy.

To help you change your life, call on a reliable and professional partner: HOME SELECT. We know that business changes are becoming more and more common and that workers are increasingly mobile. We therefore offer our services to expatriates/relocated to help them find a property in the Paris region.

Whether you live in France outside Paris or even abroad, call on our services to find the good of your dreams. We take care of all the steps for you, saving you time and money, but also avoiding multiple traps/scams.

We offer three types of offers:

Research: Our hunters are responsive, available and dynamic and offer you a search for quality terrain.

Sale and purchase: with this very advantageous formula, entrust us with your double transaction. We offer you profitable financial conditions. In addition, you only have one contact and the timing of your sale/purchase is secure.

À la carte: we cater to all your needs, from relocation to coaching to home staging.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to meet us? Get in touch with us without hesitation, we will be happy to respond and accompany you to find you a property in the Paris region. To call us, it’s on ’33 1 78 76 78 10. See you soon!

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