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Customer relationship and quality of services at the heart of our values

We are real estate hunters who are experts in the Parisian real estate market. We work as a team to better serve our customers. Our real estate hunters apply our processes and have only one goal: to find in order to satisfy you.

Who are we?

A team of passionate real estate hunters

What is a real estate hunter?

The real estate hunter’s profession began to develop in France. It is a service in high demand in Anglo-Saxon countries where it is a real estate activity just as classic as a real estate agency that sells. It is a different activity from the real estate agency that sells real estate from its real estate portfolio. Our services are dedicated only to thepurchaser whose interests we represent only his interests. You may have seen the TV shows that have developed our business (with the media Stéphane Plaza) or through the press articles that present our profession.

Why choose us?

Save time, save money, access the best deals, work with professionals, buy safely, very responsive, end-to-end services included, defend the buyer’s interests, bespoke services, our network, our interesting fees especially if you entrust us your project as a whole (sale and purchase)

Our team

HOME SELECT is a real team of real estate hunters: we work together, share our research and information in order to be as efficient as possible in the research you entrust to us.

Quality of our hunters

Methodical, Reliable, Available, Reactive, Communicating, Professionals, Facilitators, Proactive, Transparent, … Discover the qualities of our real estate hunters driven by the values developed by HOME SELECT YOUR IMMOBILIER CHASSEUR

Join us

Real estate hunter… You want to join a growingteam. Customer relationship, responsiveness, dynamism, … are all qualities that we propose to you to develop within our company…

Our partners

Discover our partners all chosen in order to optimize our offer of services to our customers.


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