What is a real estate hunter?

The job of real estate hunter (buyer’s agent) or apartment hunter was born in the United States in the 1980s. It is quite usual to have a real estate hunter to find his real estate, just as much as to have a real estate agent to take care of the sale of his property.

Chasseur Appartement Pairs - Porte d'entrée d'un immeuble haussmannien

In France, this real estate hunter activity began to develop in the 2000s only. It is the show “Search apartment or house” that made known this profession of real estate hunter, thanks to the talent of Stéphane Plaza. Different terms are used: real estate hunter, apartment hunter, property hunter, stone hunter, flat hunter, property hunter, real estate coach, … It is a different activity from the real estate agency that sells real estate from its real estate portfolio. Our services are dedicated only to thepurchaser,we represent only the interests of the buyer.

Real estate hunter: the customer relationship and quality services at the heart of real estate research

HOME SELECT YOUR IMMOBILIER CHASSEUR develops a real estate research activity based on customer relationship and quality of services. Customer relationship that allows us to establish a real relationship of trust with our customer buyers and that is essential in order to understand your needs and find for you. Quality of services at all times and at each of our steps (real estate research, visit reports, negotiation, administrative follow-up, advice, etc.)


What is the difference between you and a real estate agency?

HOME SELECT offers tailor-made services exclusively for buyers, unlike real estate agencies whose mission is to market real estate on behalf of sellers. Unlike a real estate agency, which works mainly on its sales portfolio, HOME SELECT will explore the entire market (individuals, property dealers, developers, agencies…). We always work objectively and in the sole interest of our customers.

Is it more expensive to go through a real estate hunter?

no. On the contrary, our intervention will save you substantial savings:
You’ll save countless time by calling on our hunters
Entrusting us with your research is an economical and sensible solution since we help you pull prices down thanks to the relevance of our negotiations.
You buy at the right price because our estimate is objective

What are the interests of going through a real estate hunter?

Saving time
The financial economy due to buying at the right price and negotiating optimized
Purchasing security: no financial or urban surprises in the future

What is the typical profile of HOME SELECT customers?

These are people who are psychologically ready to buy, who have their financing (who have been to see their bank), who know the kind of good they are looking for and who are more or less in a hurry. These people do not necessarily have the time or want to be advised to buy safely and at the right price.

How much time does an apartment hunter spend on my search?

In order to be able to offer a quality service to its customers, a hunter takes care of a maximum of four searches simultaneously. Your hunter devotes 30 of his time to the investigation of the property that meets your criteria. This explains the completion of the research in a very short time frame: 6 weeks on average.

How many visits are needed to find the ideal property?

Before you show you around, our real estate hunters make a careful selection that allows you to find your ideal property. On average, you find it after 3 to 8 joint visits.

How many goods do you visit as part of a mission?

This varies between 10 and 60 properties depending on the nature and difficulty of the research.

HOME SELECT, the right address to find yours …

The job of real estate hunter (buyer’s agent) or apartment hunter was born in the United States in the 1980s. It is quite usual to have a real estate hunter to find his real estate, just as much as to have a real estate agent to take care of the sale of his property.

Law 70-9 of January 2, 1970, known as the Hoguet Act,regulates the real estate profession and makes the “T” real estate transaction card mandatory. From the point of view of the law, no difference between real estate agent and real estate hunter, they are two real estate professionals, with the mission of interconnecting between two individuals or legal entities in order to conclude a real estate transaction.

HOME SELECT YOUR IMMOBILIER CHASSEUR holds the T15423 real estate transaction card. In this context, the real estate hunter is paid according to the terms of this Law Hoguet which clearly states that no fee is due except in case of success of the mission: this remuneration of the real estate hunter comes during the signing authentic deed at the notary’s office.

In accordance with the law, the real estate hunter cannot collect a file fee before the sale is completed. The real estate hunter also agrees to take out professional liability insurance,the financial guarantee is no longer mandatory since January 1, 2011. Finally, the publication of the real estate hunter’s fees is also mandatory.