Home Staging

With an area of fifteen or even twenty square meters, the studio is not the easiest accommodation to organize. You have to know take advantage of every nook and cranny. But then, how best to set up a studio? Here’s our advice.


Choose light colors

Want to put your studio up for sale? You want to highlight ingeves its strengths to trigger the crush on your visitors? We recommend, if necessary, that you repaint the walls in light, neutral tones like white or off-white. These shades will make the much brighter, but it will also look more “roomy” and modern. Shades such as white and off-white or beige bring clarity to a good and make it instantly more welcoming andwarmer.

For the floor, also bet on tile or light lino. There are, for example, imitation parquet floors that will add a warm touch to the property while being easier to maintain than wood. If your soil is in good condition and you don’t want to do it again, you can just cover it with a nice natural rug like a jute model, for example.


Optimize the kitchenette and the bathroom

In a studio, the living room, bedroom and kitchen are one and the same room, but it is possible, with a few simple tricks, to create separate spaces. For example, you can choose different soils depending on the spaces with, why not, a darker tile for the kitchen area. You can also install an industrial-style canopy or a small convenient counter for meals. Think of wall shelves and closets that will save storage without cluttering the floor. Don’t hesitate to choose sliding-door closets. This will make it difficult to move around the kitchen once they are opened (when you put the dishes away, for example). The idea with the kitchenette is to make it as functional and practical as possible. Don’t forget to play on the lights as well, which will make this area more enjoyable. And if the doors of your closets are polished glass, for example, you can also add lights inside them.

For the bathroom, a shower, toilets and a sink area are essential. Space is limited, so it’s better to play The map of simplicity. A shower with sliding doors will be more convenient so as not to lose space. On the sink side, install a toilet cabinet with light (spots, for example) to more comfort and practicality. For toilets, why not have one or more shelves above them to free up space on the floor and to store various items.


Choose the furniture well

Nowadays, there are many smart furniture. Of the folding tables at sofa beds, choose practical and retractable furniture for your studio. A sofa bed can be folded up as soon as you wake up to gain space in the property. A folding table can be stowed as soon as you don’t need it. There are even wall ironing tables that just open when it comes time to take care of your laundry.

When you furnish a studio, you have to think about functionality and space saving. You will thus prove to your visitors that your property has various assets: it is well organized, it is optimized … Your visitors will also be able to borrow some planning ideas if they decide to buy it.


Play on decoration

We talked about the hues of the walls and the floor or floors. Now let’s talk about decoration. If you want your visitors to “fall in love” with your property, bet on a Simple decoration, effective, but also smart.

A studio is by definition a small dwelling, but it can be made “larger” with mirrorsLike what. You also have to think about having different light sources, because a bright property seems larger.

Studio doesn’t necessarily mean no green plants because of the lack of space. You can also trick yourself by opting for hanging plantsLike what. Macramé suspensions are very fashionable and you can also make them yourself.


And don’t forget our usual tips

When embarking on a home staging operation, do not burn the steps. So remember:

  1. Sort and declutter;
  2. Clean and repair;
  3. Redesign and rearrange;
  4. Decorate;
  5. Remember that you are doing this to convince future buyers.

Finally, keep in mind that the budget for home staging should be as low as possible. To give you an idea, 2 of the sale price is already a good budget. Various simple tricks make it possible to spend less: buying used, tinkering with salvage materials, repainting some furniture…