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Real estate prices in the 7th arrondissement of Paris (75007)

The 7th: a concentration of beautiful neighborhoods in Paris

Filled with emblematic monuments such as the Palais Bourbon, the National Assembly or the Hôtel des Invalides, the7th arrondissement sees hundreds of tourists march every day… Not least because it is also here that you can go to the foot of the Eiffel Tower,on the green Champ de Mars. On the real estate side, the prestigious districts of the area attract lovers of characterful goods, with their own history and identity. If the rates are considered high in the heart of this borough, it is because you can find authentic nuggets.

The 7th, a borough built around the Faubourg Saint-Germain

Sometimes referred to as the “ministry district”, the Faubourg Saint-Germain of the7th arrondissement was, in the 18th century, considered a small town outside Paris. It currently hosts most ministries: the Hotel de Matignon on Rue de Varenne, Foreign Affairs Quai d’Orsay, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour on Rue de Grenelle.

Although it has a prestigious character in the 21st century, the7th arrondissement has always been very popular, not least because it houses beautiful, wealthy buildings,but also because the wealthiest families of the Ile-de-France have been concentrated there for a long time.

In the 7th arrondissement, all the districts are seduced by their undeniable charm!

No matter which district of the7th arrondissement you come to live in, you can easily find beautiful buildings along tree-lined boulevards,close to all the services and the most famous monuments of the capital.

Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, on the edge of the 6th arrondissement

Bordering the6th arrondissement, also considered one of the most sought afterin Paris, the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin district arouses the curiosity of many tourists… Indeed, it contains extremely crisp secrets, since great legends have resided there (the Countess of Ségur, André Malraux, Guillaume Apollinaire or Alphonse Daudet). Named after the eponymous church, this area hides beautiful dwellings behind the facades of mansions that can be found on the streets of Grenelle, Verneuil or Varenne.

On Boulevard Saint-Germain,it is the Haussmann buildings that attract, for their typical architecture, that does not go unnoticed by lovers of real estate of character.

On a daily basis in Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin, we like to be able to shop in a supermarket as well as buy books at the bookstore, go to shops or enjoy a drink sipped on the terrace. So many pleasures at your fingertips when you live near the Church of St. Thomas Aquinas!

Les Invalides and its beautiful views of Paris

In the heart of the Invalides district, on roads like Fabert Street or Constantine Street, when you take a little height, you can arrive in apartments offering the most beautiful panoramas of Paris. Behind the sumptuous mansions and beautiful embassies, we sometimes discover beautiful green boxes,because private gardens remain in this area highly sought after in real estate in Paris in the7th arrondissement.

In the district of Pont Alexandre III and the Champs-Élysées,there are as many local shops as there are places where the sweetness of life reigns, like the bars and restaurants that put French gastronomy in the spotlight.

The Military School district: nice surprises to discover

Between Les Invalides and La Motte-Picquet, the District of the École Militaire presents itself as a living area in the7th arrondissement of Paris. There are many buildings of character,built with noble materials in accordance with very strict architectural rules. And when you want a breath of fresh air, you can leave the boulevards punctuated by Haussmann buildings to recharge your batteries in The Square Denys-Boehler,Rue de Grenelle… Between its charming little houses and its planted spaces, it is a beautiful invitation to daydreaming!

The treasures of the "Big Caillou" district

In the 19th century, in the Gros Caillou district, a tobacco factory was opened at Quai d’Orsay,next to a triperie and a fire pump. Highly industrialised, the area was reputed to be one of the most polluting in the capital… But the atmosphere has completely changed in this territory which is now home to the great Champ de Mars as well as the Habib-Bourguiba esplanade, extremely neat green spaces.

With its small streets such as Valadon Street, Exposition Street or Rue de la Comet, this family-run neighbourhood maintains an almost provincial identity,like a village in the city. There are of course all the shops and equipment needed every day, as well as great opportunities in real estate…

The peculiarities of the property in the 7th

Filled with old buildings,the7th arrondissement hides sublime apartments behind its Haussmannian facades. Prices for lofts and other studios usually go up very quickly, because each property put up for sale attracts the interest of many potential buyers. You have to be reactive when you want to live there, because the housing is flowing at high speed!

Why is the 7th arrondissement so attractive?

Undoubtedly, the7th arrondissement of Paris seduces for its authentic, historical character and its central position. It concentrates a large number of mansions and buildings of great charm, strictly respectful of the rules of Haussmannian architecture.

The proximity to the Eiffel Tower, ministries and many tourist spots makes this borough a lively,always lively but also refined space, in which one can claim an excellent quality of life. Whether it’s public transport, shops or services,people can easily find everything they need every day at their fingertips.

And if we want to move away from the urban bustle, the7th is also home to small residential alleys concealing real nuggets,both in terms of architecture on the outside and services inside (beautiful fully renovated apartments, stunning views, etc.).

The unique identity of the 7th arrondissement: the perfect balance between calm and dynamism

At once lively and peaceful, the7th arrondissement can suit all types of life. If you want to live in the heart of the most lively streets of the capital, you will find beautiful buildings on the main boulevards,served by public transport, close to shops and all the amenities useful to everyday life (Boulevard Saint-Germain, Boulevard Raspail, etc.).

As long as they desire a little tranquillity, the inhabitants of the7th arrondissement can easily reconnect with nature in carefully maintained green spaces. Beyond the inevitable Champ de Mars, other more confidential places always attract a lot of people: this is the case of Roger-Stéphane Square or the Catherine-Labouré garden.

Very cultural, this borough is also home to many well-known museums such as the Quai Branly or the Musée d’Orsay.

The 7th arrondissement takes care of its residents!

Appearances are the first argument to seduce buyers looking to buy an apartment in Paris and inquiring about the7th arrondissement. But when they are particularly interested in the quality of life available on the spot,they certainly feel a real crush.

Indeed, the town hall of the7th arrondissement attaches great importance to its cultural establishments: in addition to the museums that welcome many tourists, there are also libraries and places putting the live show in the spotlight (theatre of the Eiffel Tower, Récamier theatre), for everyday leisure activities.

For those who prefer to practice regular physical activity, several gymnasiums are open (Cler Street, Masseran Street or Rue Paul and Jean Lerolle), and many associations allow to flourish in different disciplines (Tai Chi Chuan, Tennis, Racing Club, etc.).

Why buy an apartment in the 7th?

Focus on a safe bet in Paris real estate

hunter apartment Paris 7 – In Paris, some neighbourhoods see their identity change over the years,become more or less popular, with a reputation that will improve or deteriorate, depending on the case. By planning an apartment purchase in Paris 7, we can be sure to establish ourselves in a sector thatis always dynamic. For decades, the wealthiest Parisians have come to invest heavily in it – and this trend has no reason to reverse in the short or medium term.

Buy a characterful apartment in a beautiful building

hunter apartment Paris 7 – Between the mansions on Rue de Verneuil,the magnificent Haussmann buildings on Boulevard Saint-Germain or the buildings of the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin district, the7th arrondissement is undoubtedly home to apartments that are among the most beautiful in Paris. Wide views of the capital and its notable monuments, characterful architecture, mouldings and beams visible inside, sublime solid wood floors, authentic stone… Habitats seduce for their undeniable charm,while the majestic facades suggest streets full of nuggets to discover urgently for an apartment purchase in Paris 7.

Living in a lively and exciting neighbourhood

Paris 7 apartment hunter – With its small shops on Rue de Babylone and its breweries on Boulevard Raspail, the7th arrondissement never sleeps. It houses the famous store “Le Bon Marché” on Rue de Sèvres, an address known since the time of the Second Empire. You never get bored in this area where culture has its place: after admiring the Eiffel Tower, you can visit establishments like the Rodin Museum located on Rue de Varenne, or the Quai Branly Museum renowned for its unusual architecture.

Bourgeois and charismatic, the7th arrondissement naturally tops the list of the most sought-after Parisian sectors of buyers. Whether you want to buy your main residence, a travel loft or an apartment for rental investment, you will take full advantage of your strategic location in the capital. Between the Eiffel Tower, museums, Haussmannian boulevards and numerous ministries, this area will always retain its appeal and prestige!

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