My Home Select – your customer space


My Home Select allows you to manage your real estate search: you have access to the various real estate presented by your hunter.

This allows you to control your search from this customer space. It is very important that you are reactive on what is new that your hunter will make available to you.



> Via the ESPACE CLIENT button in the top bar of our site:

Via the following URL: in your browser and you arrive on:



To be treated: all the goods offered by the hunter

I like: you’re the goods you “love”

I don’t like: all goods you “didn’t like”

You can filter your searches.

To be treated: triage by “To treat,” “Like” and “I don’t like”

All CPs: postcode triage

Newer: sorting by price, novelty and surface


Detail of a Good


Title: Lets you know right away what it’s all about

Click on the photos to see them in full screen

Give your review by clicking directly “Like” or “I don’t like”

Add a comment to instantly interact with your Hunter

Access googlemap and googlestreet by clicking on the small icon and then clicking again on googlemap or gogle street

Moving from property to property: use the bottom grey arrow or scroll horizontally


Your Account

Find your User Info that was used in your search mandate.

Don’t hesitate to add your Photo,it will be more fun to exchange with your hunter.

You can change your email and password.

Leave the“Push Notification”on to be informed in real time of what’s new, well-reported.

Use the“Disconnect”button at the top right to log out, or just leave the app and stay connected.

> Don’t forget to click the“Save”button after a change.



Jean Mascla