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Our job is Real Estate Hunter. Home SELECT real estate hunters take care of the real estate research of their acquiring clients. Our apartment hunters take care of everything: prospecting for the assets of the entire market corresponding to the desideratas of the clients, pre-visits, selection of goods with clients, miscellaneous audits, negotiation and they accompany their clients from A to Z until the signing of the authentic deed. The mission of real estate hunters is to make life easier for buyers and to defend their interests. This occupation is complementary to that of traditional real estate agents who work on behalf of sellers.

Entrust your search to our real estate hunters,
we are looking for and above all... let's find it for you


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Who are we?

Une équipe de chasseurs immobiliers passionnés

a real estate hunter makes you win


Hours in total


hours in transport


unnecessary visits


family weekends

Why choose us?

Saving time

Your time is precious: let a real estate hunter optimize your search and only solicit you on properties that meet your specifications

Customer relationship

Understanding our customers, establishing a real relationship of trust: this is our job

Saving money

Knowledge of the market, access to the whole market, trading at the best price, quality craftsmen, …

Sale – Purchase: very advantageous terms

Give us your double transaction and get a very attractive fee

Our values

Services dedicated to our buyers, customer relationship based on trust, professionalism, tenacity


We are the first to visit the interesting news, inform you immediately, optimize the timing of all phases

Validating your project

This is the key to the success of your project. A real estate purchase project needs to be carefully considered. Your real estate hunter accurately validates all of your search criteria and advises you to start a fully shared search.

search warrant

This real estate research mandate is a contract signed between a buyer and a real estate hunter. It specifies your research criteria, our fees in case of success as well as our respective commitments.

our fees

Are our fees an additional cost? We hope that after reading and understanding all of our services,you will understand that this is by no means an additional cost but a way to optimize your budget, buy the best good at the best price, save time , benefit from our advice on your entire project


The real estate hunter starts his search defined in the search mandate. It uses all the means at its disposal (Internet, approach agencies, press/magazines, networks of professionals, auctions, door-to-door, …) to find the good you want. He visits many properties and shares his visits with you through detailed visitation reports for the properties that have caught his attention.


Your real estate hunter conducts an appropriate negotiation, knowing the market and all the information about the property, desiderata buyers/sellers/agency, …


Organization of notarial signatures, revisits, work quotes, banking procedures, studies or further analyses, … Your real estate hunter makes your real estate project easier every moment

sale compromise

This is obviously one of the key steps not to be overlooked… Your real estate hunter rereads for you all the useful documents (AG PV, trustee documents, diagnostics, …, promise of sale and accompanies you in signature


Congratulations! You finally own the property that your real estate hunter has found you… We thank you for seeing us trusted and continue to accompany you if you wish for the next steps…

post-purchase support

Renovation, follow-up of work, administrative procedures, moving, putting the light bulbs in the lights, renting, taking care of the school registration of children, …

our ongoing research

Discover all of our ongoing or completed research to get an idea of how our real estate hunters efficiently conduct their research files.


HOME SELECT is quick and easy



I describe my research

From this first step, we adapt to your needs: you can describe your research in detail, schedule an appointment at your convenience, or be immediately put in touch with a real estate hunter who presents our services to you.



I am contacted by my personal hunter

Our apartment hunters are sectored, so it is the expert on your research sectors who meets you to present our tailored services, qualify your project and explain how it will bring your project to a complete end.


I receive custom goods

HOME SELECT presents you via our application the best opportunities of the Paris market: our field network, our professional tools give you access to the hidden market, first-time goods and 100 of the goods



I visit property that meets my criteria

You remember only the goods that interest you, make only interesting visits and above all are the first to visit. Visiting quickly is a job as is making an offer to buy efficiently and at the right price.


Understand everything about buying real estate in Paris