Preparing and signing the sales compromise

The sale agreement sets an agreement on the price of the property sold, on the general and specific terms to which the sale is made, and on the suspensive conditions, as well as the deadline for the deed of sale to be signed. Your real estate hunter facilitates the signing of this sales compromise.

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New documents to be provided by the seller:


Since the ALUR Act,March 2014 (Law for Access to Housing and Renovated Urbanism), in the event of the sale of an apartment dependent on a condominium building, additional documents are to be given to the purchaser before the signing of the compromise of sale.


  • Title, latest tax notice Tax Foncière
  • Family booklet or birth certificate, copy of marriage contract or PACS, address
  • Work done on the property sold (e.g. batch meetings)
  • “Carrez Law”
  • The Technical Diagnostic File (DDT)
  • Co-ownership regulations, descriptive divisional status, minutes of general meetings of the last three years
  • Amount of current budget expenses and non-forecast budget expenses due by the seller in the two years prior to the sale; The overall state of unpaid expenses within the trustee; the share of the work fund attached to the main lot sold
  • The building’s maintenance book
  • The diagnosis of the co-ownership of buildings over 15 years old

Sign the sale compromise via a notary

Your real estate hunter always advises you to go through a notaryto sign the sales agreement. It is perfectly legal to sign it directly between individuals, however the constitution of the file and the drafting of the compromise are within the competence of this legal professional.

The notary is the guarantor of the validity of your transaction from a legal point of view. He is there to advise us on the drafting of specific conditions. Going through a notary does not generate any specific fees. Moreover, if two notaries (the buyer’s and the seller’s) attend the signing of the compromise, it does not cost more: the two notaries share the costs equally.

The only drawback is the responsiveness and availability of the notary. Your real estate hunter advises you if necessary a reactive and available notary and, in any case, helps you to fluidize this step.