The search mandate

The mission of your real estate hunter is formalized in a search mandate (contract) of a term of 3 months renewable in accordance with the law. This real estate research mandate is a contract signed between a buyerand a real estate professional. This research mandate specifies your research criteria,our respective commitments and our fees if successful.

A search mandate for a relationship of trust

Your real estate hunter presents in detail our research mandate with all its characteristics (definition of search criteria, fees in case of success, respective commitments, duration, possibility of general termination. But we must never forget that, for HOME SELECT, the search mandate is only an administrative document that is in no way a substitute for the essential element: the quality of customer relationship that we establish with you.

2 types of search mandates

A simple search mandate:

If your search is very difficult: we share it with our network and put on hold an opportunity that our network could communicate to us
If you want to keep looking for yourself
– as part of this simple search mandate, your real estate hunter will be less active in his research: he will however be very reactive if an interesting real estate presents itself to him
A simple search mandate requires a high level of transparency to avoid wasting time, as well as the seller and the real estate hunter

A trusted search mandate, said exclusive:

It is not a restriction of freedom but rather a tremendous asset to allow us to find. This exclusivity is for us a guarantee of the seriousness, motivation and merit of your approach.
This is the guarantee of our objectivity towards you because since we will find your property and are the only ones entitled to do so, we will never put any pressure on you to influence you to acquire a property if you are not fully convinced and satisfied
In front of agencies, if you are not an exclusive customer, we cannot have the same weight or the same arguments to propose a collaboration and allow you to benefit from a great opportunity
This trust requires us to prioritize this research over our other portfolio research
Increased means: door-to-door, leaflet distribution, videos, etc., CR detailed with addresses included, addition of another hunter if necessary, …
A real estate hunter is only paid upon the signing of the authentic deed, so it is possible that he searched for nothing, without any commission. To mitigate this difficulty, we favour the exclusive mandate. In return, it gives you the assurance that your real estate hunter is investing 100 in your research

Search mandate criteria

Your search criteria are recorded in the search warrant. However, these criteria change during a search, which is why your apartment hunter will make points with you (depending on your availability) in order to check them regularly.

Search mandate: services

The research mandate specifies the commitments of each and the research services that HOME SELECT makes available to its client. These research services can be supplemented with complementary services tooptimize your real estate project

Research mandate fees

The search warrant states that our fees are only due if successful, on the day theauthentic deedis signed. These are very reasonable fees when comparing with other real estate hunters and especially in terms of the quality of service we develop during each search. Several options are possible regarding the choice of these fees

Search mandate: Purchase

You can cancel this search warrant via the coupon attached to the warrant: we are not there to block a client but to establish a real relationship of trust so that you are satisfied with our services and talk about us to those around you… This mandate naturally ends if successful at the signing of theauthentic act


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