Apartment hunter


Discover a search conducted quickly by Marie Esmieu, our specialized apartment hunter on Paris 6. Nantes, Brice is looking to make a rental investment in the friendly districts of the capital. For this, he assigns our expert HOME SELECT to find him a small jewel, turnkey, guarantor of an investment, both safe and solid. A bet beautifully raised by Mary!


Where did Brice want to invest in Paris?

Working as a notary in Nantes, Brice is looking to make a rental investment in Paris. By targeting only the nicest neighbourhoods of the capital, he knows that, under these conditions, his future acquisition is not likely (or little) to be devalued, in the event of a housing bubble.


Why does he hire an apartment hunter?

Not being physically on site,Briceimmediately decided to entrust this research to an expert, firmly established in the key sectors of Paris.


How did he discover HOME SELECT?

The young man therefore conducted a thorough search on the Internet and set his sights on the HOME SELECT network, which he appreciated both the seriousness of the site and the reviews. Upon receiving his request for contact, Jean Mascla contacted the apartment hunter Marie Esmieu, specializing in the neighborhoods that Brice wanted.


What are the search criteria for this rental investment?

Marie immediately calls Brice on the phone to introduce herself, explain how she works and clarify the fee issue. After the young man’s agreement, she lists the different criteria of the research: the young man wishes to acquire a 2 rooms of about 35 m2, floor,and above all, completely redone,without a paint job to be expected, and ideally furnished.

The location of the apartment could be in the nice neighborhoods of the 5th,6th and 7th Arrondissement. All this, for a budget of €600,000.


How did Mary approach this research?

If the search seemed simple at first, it concealed two major difficulties: the apartment had to be in excellent condition, which is not so easy to find, and it must have pleased Brice, despite the desire to make it a rental property.

Marie therefore sets the HOME SELECT application with the young man’s criteria and contacts his network to present him with this new file.


How did the first visit go?

After sending a few property cards, which Brice systematically refuses, our apartment hunter understands that the young man is looking exclusively for high-end apartments, both bright and quiet, with a nice common part. It therefore adds these elements to the original criteria.

One evening, the HOME SELECT app highlights a property that might be perfectly suitable for Brice : completely redone by an architect and sold turnkey (with sheet, cushion, sofa and bulbs), it has all the qualities sought by the young man. Marie contacts him immediately to get the green light and ask to visit him.

In reality, this is a large apartment that is divided into 2 for sale. They therefore exchange to allow our real estate hunter to make a quick offer, if necessary, at the price, as this type of property was in danger of leaving during the day. As part of a pure rental investment, the smaller of the two was the most profitable (m2), but the larger one was much better arranged, perfect for living there.

After the briefing, Marie calls the agency in charge of the file who explains that she already has many visits scheduled the next day: persuasive and determined, Marie manages to get an appointment at 11:30 for the two apartments.

At 11:30 a.m., she felt a slight disappointment opposite the smaller of the two: you couldn’t even go around the bed – which made you feel like you were sleeping in a rabbit cage. Fortunately, the second visit fulfills its promises


What assets motivated the visit of this apartment?

Located on the 2nd floor of a beautiful mansion in the 6th arrondissement,Odeon district, the building, dating from the 16thfloor century, is classified as a historical monument. With a total area of 37.62 sqm,it is sold furnished and has an entrance, with shower room and toilet, a living space with fully equipped open kitchen, a spacious bedroom with glass on the living room and a large bespoke dressing room.


Did Brice position himself quickly?

In accordance with the previous day’s decision, Marie immediately tabled an offer on the largest, without suspensive conditions (while he did take out a loan). The agency had just received a proposal of 5,000 euros less, so it obviously accepted Brice’s.

At the same time, it offers him the management for 2,300 euros per month, which he accepted despite the advice of Mary, who advocated competition. Not to mention that it had already been valued at 1,900 euros per month by another institution.

At the signing of the compromise, he discovers the property and definitively validates his choice. In the same movement, as Brice has no concrete commitment with the agency, he calls on another to manage his property, at a price of 2,200 euros per month.


Has there any work been planned?

As requested in the original specifications, Brice had absolutely nothing to do on his property: completely renovated by a talented architect, it was furnished and fully equipped!


“A happy customer and a strengthened network: perfect!”

The building in which Brice invested is owned by two owners who keep buying and selling apartments: having hooked up with them, Marie now has two new and serious assets in her network!


“I have already praised Mary’s services to my associates”

Extremely pleased with Marie’s performance, Brice has already told her associates Nantes, who are sure to ask our apartment hunter to carry out some real estate transactions. To date, one of them has even taken the plunge!