What’s your problem?

You are not not on the spot,you don’t no time,you only see the unsold on the internet,bargains always pass you under the nose, it takes you a lot of time and energy,you don’t have enough availability,you are not not enough contacted by agencies,you are often Disappointed with your visits,

Solutions exist to optimize your real estate purchasing problem. They are detailed below depending on your situation.


entrust your search to a real estate hunter


You are often disappointed with the many apartment visits that do not suit you: you want us to visit for you first and to be told exactly what to expect in order to visit knowingly.

Who is our services for? Buyers who do not have the time to devote themselves fully to their research, buyers geographically distant from the place of their search (foreigners, expatriates, provincial), professionals looking for professional premises in Paris (purchase and rental ), buyers who wish to seek the advice of an independent real estate expert, …

a real estate hunter may be the answer to your problem…

Take the time to analyze your situation and see if your current or future research is really effective.
Do you think you are responsive, have the necessary availability? Can you visit goods that meet your criteria? How is your relationship with the agencies going? Isn’t it better to try the bespoke services of a real estate hunter?

Identify below your problem and the specific responses we provide:

Not on the spot?


Conducting a real estate search without being on site is a real journey for the fighter: imagine the time it takes to visit 30 property you have selected… A real estate hunter saves you that time.

No time?


An efficient real estate search requires 200 hours of availability. You have to be able to clear up this time without intruding on your professional life, your family, your well-being, etc. Our real estate hunters allow you to free yourself from this time constraint by soliciting you only when selected properties correspond to your specifications.

First real estate purchase


This will be your first real estate purchase and you are not used to choosing the best financings, finding the right contacts, estimating the real property price, checking all the administrative documents, having work done, …

Buy at the best price


You know what you want but you don’t necessarily know the Parisian real estate market. You are afraid of not buying at the right price, of being made… A real estate hunter allows you to avoid this kind of misadventure…

You can’t find


You’ve been looking for months and months: to no avail. More than 50 visits that have yielded nothing but so much disappointment: Why? Are your criteria too high? Do you lack availability and responsiveness? Can you access all the goods?

for example …

We are a member of the FNCI (National Federation of Real Estate Hunters). Here is a humorous video of the FNCI that illustrates well some problems related to real estate research:


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