Don’t you think so?

Have you been looking for your rare pearl for several months? Why can’t you find your apartment in Paris? You feel like you’re seeing always the same goods on the internet,you start to get tired of your search,you’re getting more and more disappointed with the property you visit,your long-running search is increasingly encroaching on your family and professional life, you need help, …

Have you thought of a real estate hunter to revitalize your project?


Energize your search in 2 months!

Meet one of our real estate hunters to give a detailed assessment of your search. We will advise you objectively and propose a suitable action plan to give strength and dynamism toyour research. It is in 2 months that we conduct a research with tone. Furnished apartment in the most beautiful areas of Paris or large area in developing boroughs, your need is studied with passion. Try our services, this will allow you to no longer be alone and put all the assets on your side

Situation point

This is the key moment to get back on a good footing. The real estate hunter most able to help you in your real estate project meets you and makes with you a complete review of your search for accommodation in Paris: your criteria are reviewed, your comments on the assets you visited, the analysis of your disappointments, points of improvement, …

Action plan

We’re here to save you time. Your HOME SELECT real estate hunter offers you a precise action plan, with precise milestones (situation points at regular intervals). At the end of 2 months, if we have not yet found, a new assessment of your research is made in order to decide the new way forward.

why are we more likely to do so?

Conducting a real estate project is not simple and represents an important moment in the lives of our clients. Our real estate hunters are fully aware of this and do everything possible to meet your needs. Our job is to understand your needs and thenbe on the ground to find for you. Unlike an individual who will often settle for internet alerts or hope that an agency offers him the rare pearl…

what’s going to change

Your real estate hunter will therefore follow this logic to give a new impetus to your search. Once the criteria are reviewed together, it will multiply your field research:all of our hunterswill be aware of your research, our network will be informed, visits will follow in order to offer you goods that we have not seen or that you have not thought of … Responsiveness, high availability, field expertise will allow us togo through with your search.

Don’t stay on a search that lasts too long.
Ask a real estate hunter for advice…

Why entrust us with your research?

2 months of intense research instead of 6 months of conventional research

30 more goods in the viewfinder

40 more efficiency

10 real estate hunters at your service


Understand everything about buying real estate in Paris