First accesser?
We’re here to help

to advise

about your financing, your potential aid, your research criteria, the real estate market, …

to look for

actively explaining clearly the reasons for the assets held or not

To find

by going through the administrative audits, participating in notarial acts, work partners, etc.

A real estate hunter to accompany you to the first-time renter

A first real estate purchase for a first-time buyers should be conducted with the utmost caution. Financing, possible aid, the sector to be defined, the right price, the quality of the selected goods, the optimized offer to purchase, the negotiation at the end of strategist, the rereading of administrative and notarial documents, the potential works, moving in, … are as many difficulties for a neophyte… In this context, theHome SELECT’s real estate hunter’s expertise saves you time, confidence, and efficiency at each of these stages…

The 4 key points we bring to a first-time home

Securing your financial package

Discovering interesting sectors

Mastery of the real estate market

Buying process management

How is a real estate purchase project going for a first-time buyers?

A real estate purchase breaks down into many milestones, each as precise and important as the other. Your HOME SELECT real estate hunter advises the first-timer and helps you pass each step successfully:

Set specifications

We advise you to optimize your search criteria, your funding verified by our broker, your validated research area.

Expand your research
We communicate your research to our entire network. Your real estate hunter scans the entire Parisian real estate market
Select your apartment
Your real estate hunter gives you detailed visit reports, our mobile app gives you the tools to control your search with confidence
Deciding offer to buy
Optimize your offer to purchase according to the local real estate market, current demand, the seller’s situation, …
Sign sale compromise
We check all the useful elements (union documents, pv d’ag, diagnostics, draft compromise, …)
Moving in deed of sale
Once the authentic deed is signed, we will accompany you to facilitate your move. We can coordinate potential work or help you in the administrative process, …


Understand everything about buying real estate in Paris