Do you want to financially optimize your real estate project?

Buying a property at the “right price” is no small feat. The real estate market is constantly changing, selling prices are set according to the wishes of all the players in the real estate market, significant disparities exist between sectors, conducting a fine negotiation is not a thing easy, how to get by as part of a first purchase,

Have you thought of a real estate hunter?


a real estate hunter HOME SELECT helps you through the meanderings of a real estate purchase: he is a seasoned professional of the Paris real estate market,the buying process, the art of trading, … It will make you benefit from its network of partners (brokers, architects, craftsmen, movers, …) so that each step is optimized financially… In the end, our fees are recovered via what we make you win (the right price, negotiation, partners, …)

The 4 things to remember:

Assets valued at fair value

A roundly conducted negotiation

Quality partners (brokers, architects, craftsmen, etc.)

Our fees easily re-pay through the winnings we bring you

Buy the best property at the best price…

It is your interest and therefore that of your real estate hunter. We make every effort to make your budget optimized. It starts with the precious time we save you, the assets we present with their fair value, the negotiations that we are used to conduct ingesting in the Parisian real estate market and the expected sellers, partners (broker, architects, craftsmen, movers, …) selected for you …

What type of real estate transaction do you want to optimize?

Main residence

Buying your main residence requires a financial investment but also and above all emotional. Our real estate hunters travel to your current home to understand what your living environment,what are your tastes, what does a bright apartment mean to you for example, … We bring you advice and expertise for each phase of this project: securing your funding, defining your specifications, selecting the right sector, tailor-made service tailored to your needs and constraints, etc.

Rental investment

Making a real estate investment in Paris requires knowing exactly what type of investment you want to make, what financial arrangement,and above all to master all the parameters of the property you buy. Our real estate hunters take care to give you their opinion on the sector, to analyze the rental demand, to guide you in the most appropriate financial arrangement, to analyze the solidity of the promoter,to take charge of the tenant search, future management of your property, …


Should you buy or rent your company offices? The acquisition allows to develop a company’s assets,to no longer pay rent, to secure the company by avoiding any potential eviction related to the commercial lease,to register these offices in theassets of the company , …
Our real estate hunters carry out this work in order to present the offices that meet your needs.

Commercial premises

Finding a commercial space is very difficult for an individual. Half of sales related to this type of product do not appear on traditional real estate listing sites. It’s the job of our real estate huntersto access this market via the HOME SELECT network. We bring you our professionalism in the products we present to you and make available all the elements useful to the decision.


Understand everything about buying real estate in Paris