Want to buy a high-end property?

Buying a luxury property requires a real knowledge of the luxury real estate market… The price of luxury apartments has fallen in recent months and it is difficult to know what the right price is… a real estate hunter,accustomed to the luxury real estate market, knows how to accompany you in this purchase project


A real estate hunter to look for and above all… find it for you

Our job is Real Estate Hunter … HOME SELECT real estate hunters take care of the real estate research of their acquiring clients. Our apartment hunters take care of everything: prospecting for the assets of the entire market corresponding to the desideratas of the clients, pre-visits, selection of assets with clients, miscellaneous audits, negotiation and they accompany their customers from A to Z until the authentic deed is signed. The mission of real estate hunters is to make life easier for buyers and to defend their interests.

The 4 points to remember to entrust us with your project

Standing real estate market changing

Land expertise of our real estate hunters

Regular monitoring of your search

Opportunity to offer you turnkey offers

The Paris real estate market will become very interesting again… Just compare the growing gap between Paris and other very large world cities such as London, Dubai, Miami, New York, … where the price of real estate continues to soar over and over again… In 2007, for example, Paris was only 20 more expensive than London in average price per square sqm. To date, London is 2.5 times more expensive than Paris… Despite the disadvantages that can be found in the Parisian luxury real estate market, such price differences mean that Paris will once again become competitive .. .

Why choose us?

Field expertise, teamwork, responsiveness, high availability, customer relationship, sense of service, … are all assets that we offer you to discover…

Our team of real estate hunters

We’re a real team. We share all our research between hunters in order to maximize your chances. Discover us to get a clearer idea of our seriousness and professionalism

Our fees

They are only due if you buy, the day the authentic deed is signed. These are reasonable fees,just below the market average. Beyond these fees, it is obviously the quality of our services that we invite you to check by contacting us

A very interesting offer regarding your sale/purchase

If you want to conduct a sale and a purchase, know that our real estate hunters offer you a service on death in order to fully manage this double transaction. Your interests in using such a formula are numerous and especially financial…

Chasseur Appartement Pairs - Porte d'entrée d'un immeuble haussmannien


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