Are you an expatriate?

You have a real estate purchase project in Paris, but you are an expatriate?

To buy a property, there are no secrets: you have to visit!

You have to give yourself the means to carry out your visits effectively: responsiveness when the new goods come out or are going out, availability in order to visit quickly, access toall the goods by being on the field, go to the agencies, …

Being an expatriate is a real challenge if you want to conduct a dynamic and efficient real estate search on your own.

OUR SOLUTIONS to represent you on the spot

Delegating your research to our real estate hunters allows you to conduct an effective real estate search while being far away… Our service is designed for customers like you who are not on site. The vast majority of our clients are not local and live abroad. Buying a Parisian pied-à-terre, making a rental investment are all projects that we carry out for our clients far from Paris. Our real estate hunters bring you what you need in your remote search: responsiveness to be the first to know the new properties, availability at all times (every day of the week on very time slots extended), daily work in the field to create buzz around your research and to be on the lookout for any opportunity…
Finally, our tools and processes allow you to give yourself all the means to follow all this very effectively remotely:

Skype video calls


Modern communication tools are essential to establish a relationship of trust and to demonstrate our professionalism. Our real estate hunters chat with our customers via skype (or other video system if you wish): the first qualifying appointment, regular progress points, …

Electronic warrant


Our real estate hunters are here to make your life easier. Once we agree on the terms of the search mandate,we ineign with you and submit it electronically for validation: you can validate it electronically or directly via our application. mobile phone.

Mobile app


To track your search in real time and in detail, HOME SELECT has provided you with a mobile app that you can use anytime (real-time tracking) and anywhere (possibility to work in offline mode) … Always carry all the goods (studyed, visited, selected, …), detailed property sheets, videos, photos, CR visits, permanent exchanges with your Real Estate Hunter,a dashboard of advancement, …

Optimize your time


Let our real estate hunters take care of your search, keep your weekends for your family,pilot your search via our mobile app and with your hunter who defends your interests on the spot. When you come to Paris, your real estate hunter will make sure to optimize your arrival by stalling as many suitable visits as possible. It will be able to vehicle you in order to optimize your stay and your visits

Services tailored to your needs


You are not on site but our real estate hunters represent you in Paris and can take care of the services related to your real estate purchase: architects, craftsmen, decoration, removal, find a tenant, furniture, management, …

Our services are aimed at expatriate clients …


Understand everything about buying real estate in Paris