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Helping others through the expertise I develop on a daily basis has always been my leitmotif. For this reason and out of a taste for legal negotiations, I first turned to the notariat. After two and a half years in notarial studies, working exclusively on sales contracts, I realized that if the law helps the purchaser to make the best choice, it comes too late in the buying process.

Indeed, when the deed of sale is written, it happens that one realizes almost too late the inconsistencies of a co-ownership by-law, the health of the by-law or that what has been sold as housing is in fact a commercial premises and that the steps will remain the responsibility of the purchaser. For this reason, I have decided to make my skills available to you much earlier, as early as the research process.


“A relay of confidence, reachable, listening, on the field.”


With a dynamic and committed temperament, I am daily in the field, looking for the good that will most correspond to your desire, your comfort and your ideals. And that’s where my pugnacity, my taste for research and negotiation come in. Finding a property in Paris can be a fighter’s journey. You have to have a lot of time and a lot of responsiveness. Also, we work together on your specifications. Then I select the goods, I visit them, I prioritize them and submit to you the healthiest and closest to your need. Once you have made your feedback back to me, I begin the negotiation process with the seller. Methodical, I systematically check all the elements in play and help you until the signing of the authentic deed of sale.

Because a property is a substantial purchase and because you will live there, it is essential that you have a daily relay of confidence, reachable, listening, that walks the streets of Paris for you.




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